Business Strategist and Digital Transformation Specialist

Peter works with businesses seeking market differentiation, growth, and overall business improvement. He does this through a combination of strategy, innovation, and digital transformation.

Peter helps his clients develop and implement powerful business strategies and solutions that incorporate innovation, digital business models, operational improvements, sales and marketing tactics, people management and financial solutions, in a manner that promotes evolution, automation, systemisation and efficiency generation to deliver strong, reliable growth while building a business that runs lean and effective.

Peter is also a competent coach and mentor, having worked with numerous business owners, CEOS and senior management over the years.

Brief History


Peter started his first business at the age of 19. That venture (called Goby) quickly grew into one of the first online bookshops in Australia, becoming tremendously successful in a very short timeframe. At its peak, the business was turning over hundreds of thousands of dollars of sales each month via its website. The ride lasted 5 or so years; paradoxically, it was this phenomenal growth that led to the eventual crash and burn of that business. For the full story about the rise and fall of Goby, read Peter’s book ‘Realities of Business: Misadventures and Lessons Learnt’.

Adventures in Business

Since that first business venture, Peter has dedicated much of his life to learning everything about business. He has started and managed several different types of businesses over the years, some very successful and profitable, while others have not had much success at all. Some of Peter’s business ventures have included:

  • Importing and distribution of medical products and devices
  • Importing and distribution of sporting products
  • Importing and distribution of optical products
  • His own line of men’s ties and cufflinks
  • Medical recruitment agency
  • Website development and digital marketing agency
  • Food brand – manufacture and distribution
  • Strategic and Digital Transformation advisory firm – current business
  • Business improvement platform – current business

In 2011 Peter published his first book ‘Realities of Business: Misadventures and Lessons Learnt’, which he is currently revisiting for an updated 3rd edition. Peter also has plans to write a comprehensive book on E-Commerce Business.

Peter currently owns and operates two businesses and is well on the way to building a legacy business.


Peter is passionate about his family, business (particularly digital business) and adventures. His mantra revolve around a balance with work and life, helping ensure he always has time for his family, regardless of his busy work schedule.

Outside of business, Peter spends as much time as he can with his family of 3 young kids and his wife, Kitti. He spends a lot of his free time outside, pursuing callisthenics, mountain biking, running, hiking, kayaking, and going on crazy adventures!

Peter has an MBA majoring in Digital Transformation and is currently completing the Doctorate in Business program via USQ.


Our Areas of Expertise Include:

Business Strategy

  • Strategy
  • Business Model Development
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Digital Transformation

  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
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  • System Scoping and Selection
  • Website Requirements Scoping
  • Agency Management
  • Project Management
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  • Customer Experience Modelling
  • Research
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Sales & Marketing

  • Strategy
  • Tactical Planning
  • Implementation
  • Agency Management
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  • Human Resource Planning
  • People Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Change Management
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