An important shift is happening in the business landscape…. Are you ready for this?

12 May 2020

A recent article by Benedict Brooke, reporter, highlights some of the shifts that are happening within the retail landscape. What’s important to understand is that this shift, which actually began pre-covid, is also going to happen across ALL INDUSTRIES. All businesses will be affected. Want to know more? Watch my video commentary on this […]

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BUSINESS SUCCESS ARTICLE: Riding the COVID period and beyond

14 April 2020

Before you read on, I must add the following disclaimer: We are not financial advisers, accountants or solicitors. We do not know your individual or business circumstances. What we advise in this article are purely done so from our real-world experience and off the back of our research. Before you jump into anything beyond this […]

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27 March 2020

There is a perception the moving online means selling stuff online. On the contrary, selling ‘stuff’ is only one online mode to consider, with several other options available to the business interested in embracing an online business model. The other thing I need to mention is that when I talk about online, I’m talking about […]

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COVID-19 and Your Business – Beating the Coronavirus

26 March 2020

The Coronavirus. It’s here. We are all impacted. It can be doom and gloom – if you let it be doom and gloom! This is a challenging period for all of us, but, we can take this moment of chaos and turn it into a positive opportunity. Granted, some businesses are worse off than others. […]

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How to avoid the ‘F#!k I’m over this’ moment when you embark on an e-commerce website build! 8 critical tips you must use!

15 November 2019

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve had people say to me ‘F#!k I’m over this website project’. I’ve had to clean up the mess caused by website projects that went off the rails on more than one occasion; a task I can do, but would prefer to not have to as a […]

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Business interview with Benchmark Business Sales – Peter Spinda and Bruce Coudrey

12 June 2019

Recently took part in my first ever podcast recording! Thanks to Bruce Coudrey – Benchmark Business Sales – for inviting me to take part. We discussed the topic of ‘exiting your business’ – a very relevant topic that will resonate with business owners – you can listen to this half hour discussion here: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

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JUNE SEMINAR – How to make money online and ensure your success

3 June 2019

Malekso presents an engaging E-Commerce business seminar focusing on the topic of ‘How to make money online and ensure your success’. There is a lot more to running a successful, modern E-commerce business than just having a website where you sell stuff. And did you know that every business, regardless of the industry or size, […]

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Digital Transformation: What is it and why should you know about it?

19 April 2019

Digital Transformation seems to be the latest consulting and agency ‘buzz word’. Despite this, it is actually a super powerful process, which can turn your business into an absolute powerhouse. In this video I explain: What Digital Transformation is Why should you know about it Whether you should consider it and how do you implement […]

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How to make money online – the elements you need to address in order to succeed

18 April 2019

There is a lot more to running a successful, modern E-commerce business than just having a website where you sell stuff. The following is a quick overview of what needs to be addressed in order to become a truly successful e-commerce operation. Strategy: Where are you going? Why? And how will you get there? Without […]

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