BUSINESS SUCCESS ARTICLE: Riding the COVID period and beyond

14 April 2020

Before you read on, I must add the following disclaimer: We are not financial advisers, accountants or solicitors. We do not know your individual or business circumstances. What we advise in this article are purely done so from our real-world experience and off the back of our research. Before you jump into anything beyond this […]

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COVID-19 and Your Business – Beating the Coronavirus

26 March 2020

The Coronavirus. It’s here. We are all impacted. It can be doom and gloom – if you let it be doom and gloom! This is a challenging period for all of us, but, we can take this moment of chaos and turn it into a positive opportunity. Granted, some businesses are worse off than others. […]

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Business interview with Benchmark Business Sales – Peter Spinda and Bruce Coudrey

12 June 2019

Recently took part in my first ever podcast recording! Thanks to Bruce Coudrey – Benchmark Business Sales – for inviting me to take part. We discussed the topic of ‘exiting your business’ – a very relevant topic that will resonate with business owners – you can listen to this half hour discussion here: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

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How to make money online – the elements you need to address in order to succeed

18 April 2019

There is a lot more to running a successful, modern E-commerce business than just having a website where you sell stuff. The following is a quick overview of what needs to be addressed in order to become a truly successful e-commerce operation. Strategy: Where are you going? Why? And how will you get there? Without […]

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