Everything we do is inspired by our passion and curiosity towards the digital.

How we leverage this is by helping businesses turn ideas and visions into commercial realities using the power of digital technologies.


Digital technologies are empowering small to medium businesses like never before, which is why everything we do is inspired by our passion and curiosity towards the digital. We believe that by tapping into your passion, ideas, and vision for your business, combining these with our deep and broad digital expertise and exploring these with you and your team, you will be better positioned to build and maintain the success of your business for years to come.


How we do this is by helping you turn ideas and visions into commercial realities using the power of digital technologies.


Like you, we too are business owners and entrepreneurs. We've been digital entrepreneurs for decades and as a result what we offer your business is an experienced team of digital transformation specialists renowned for their ability to challenge norms, to bring a fresh approach, capable of crafting and executing solutions that position your business as a digitally driven leader.


If you’re the kind of entrepreneur who wants to embrace and leverage digital technologies, then we have a solution for you.


This is all about how you use digital technologies to empower, grow and evolve your business. Paradoxically it is a journey that focuses more on people than on technology. Our team can handle your digital transformation needs.


Our seasoned team can help you bring your app ideas to life using tried and tested methodologies.


We've been involved in website development since the mid 90's. From complex e-commerce to simple information sites, we can do it all.


Platforms are the next level in digital business evolution, driving the business model revolution globally. How are you taking advantage of this?


We work with Small to Medium businesses (SMEs) ranging from startups up to those turning over up to $250milllion per annum seeking to leverage digital technologies for a commercial benefit. Our clients are located ANYWHERE in the world. We have a special interest in working with SME's based in Regional, Rural and Remote Australia. We also collaborate with VC firms, hubs, councils and other investment and advisory service providers.


Real world, practical experience, combined with deep theoretical knowledge, and a close bond spanning the past 10-years (and counting) is what sets our principal team apart.
Pete Spinda

Pete Spinda

CEO & Director of Digital Transformation
Pete is a highly experienced, accomplished entrepreneur (24+ years) and author. MBA Digital Transformation. PhD Researcher on the topics of Digital Organisational Identity and Digital Transformation.
Chris Smith

Chris Smith

Director of Strategy
Chris is a highly sought after strategy director and executive. Many decades of Global experience working with SME's and large corporates.
Farrah Macchiwalla

Farrah Macchiwalla

Director of Projects
Farrah is an incredibly talented program and project director whose track record of successful deployments is hard matched.
James Ussery

James Ussery

Director of Technology
James is a dedicated technology professional with 25+ years of experience. With a wealth of knowledge and a genuine passion for the field, he plays a crucial role in propelling our innovations forward.


We can take your ideas (even those just scribbled out on the back of a napkin) and turn them into well thought out digital business models and implementation roadmaps. From concepts to working prototypes and commercially viable solutions. From ‘we have a website and use Facebook’ to crafting a digital transformation plan that focuses on actions and outcomes, driving your next growth and evolution. From paper-based processes to digitally driven processes. When it comes to digital business and digital transformation, we’ve got you covered. Importantly, we are a people first business. From day one we bring you and your team on the journey, ensuring that at all times everyone is onboard and heading in the same direction. After all, successful digital journeys can only be undertaken when people are at the centre of the discussion.


We have been collaborating with the Malekso team for the past 10-years and continue to do so to this day. They have assisted us with a broad set of solutions, ranging from strategy and business planning to the design and implementation of our digital transformation initiatives, including change management and project management, with ongoing executive mentoring. Professional, courteous, highly knowledgeable team.
Bruce Coudrey

Bruce Coudrey

CEO - Benchmark Business Sales & Valuations

Malekso assisted our team by taking the ideas we had in our heads and turning them into a clear business model. They further assisted us by working with us to put together our business plan, financial modelling, investment pitch deck and the investment summary document. We are now working with Malekso to implement our digital technology platform and building out the required organisational structure to support our new venture.
Dr Edward Pearson

Dr Edward Pearson

CEO - LIFEology

Thanks to Pete and his team for assisting us redefine our strategy and develop and implement our digital transformation. It was a complex task, but the outcome and the results made it worthwhile.
Paulette Lindley

Paulette Lindley

Owner - CRT - Calliope Rural Traders

We engaged Malekso on several occasions to assist us with our digital growth plans. They helped us with our business model, strategy development and implementation, and worked with us on our digital transformation journey. They also provided us with executive mentoring.
Cameron and Carmel Bragg

Cameron and Carmel Bragg

Cofounders - Specialist Sales

Thanks to Pete and his team for their mentoring and ongoing business advice. They have helped me grow as a business owner. They recently helped me convert my idea for a new platform/app, into a viable business model. The Malekso team is now building this new platform/app for me.
Nic Perkins

Nic Perkins

CEO - Leopardwood Livestock

Pete has been an advisor/mentor as part of our mentoring program for the last few years, and has successfully delivered solutions to several businesses located in the Balonne Shire region.
Garnet Radford

Garnet Radford

Economic Development Officer - Balonne Shire Council

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